• Marney, 25, said that the Suits actress will "taint" the Royal family.
  • Bolton, 54, claimed that the "romantic" element of their relationship has come to an end.

Ukip leader Henry Bolton has broken up with girlfriend Jo Marney after she made racist remarks about Prince Harry's fiancée Meghan Markle, it has been reported.

The 54-year-old British politician told ITV's Good Morning Britain programme today (15 January) that his relationship was "obviously quite incompatible" with his position as party chief.

He also said that while the "romantic" side of their relationship had ended, he would continue to support Marney's family who are said to be distraught over the revelations.

Bolton faces an investigation by Ukip's national executive following the publication of social media messages from Marney, 25, who describes herself as a journalist and model as well as a Ukip activist.

The politician, whose wife Tatiana Smurova and two children live in Vienna, also told BBC Radio 4's Today Programme this morning: "The romantic element of the relationship is over, I'm afraid, as of last night. He also described Marney's comments as "indefensible".

In a series of texts sent to a friend, Marney stated that Harry's "black American" fiancée will "taint" the Royal family with "her seed" and pave the way for a "black king", according to a report by the Mail on Sunday.

She also said that Markle had a "tiny brain" and that black people were ugly. Marney has since been suspended from the party.

Bolton began a relationship with Marney a month ago, and has dismissed calls from some Ukip members to resign, claiming he was not departing.

He went on: "No, not at all. I have no intention of resigning. And indeed the people who have been calling for my resignation are people who for some time have been trying to undermine the leadership of the party in any case."

When asked if Ukip was irrelevant, he said: "There is very much a point to the party. It is very important for the national debate, I believe, that the pro-Brexit voice is heard in British politics. And actually the only national party that's 100% behind leaving the European Union is ours. We need to be effective in that debate."

Senior party officials are scheduled to meet this Sunday at the party's National Executive Committee to discuss Bolton's future.