Anyone who has used UberPool will know the service is a convenient way of saving money, but can sometimes lead to awkward journeys with fellow passengers.

That's exactly what happened to Manila resident AJ Magallon while running late for work on Thursday morning (February 8). Using the Uber ride-sharing feature, Magallon was picked up by a taxi outside his home and battled traffic to get his office in the south of the city.

During the journey, Magallon, who was sitting in the front seat, was surprised to see his ex-girlfriend's name and number appear on the driver's phone, indicating they would be picked up next.

"I was picked up first by the driver then his cellphone alerted that we will pick someone up. So I checked the location of the other rider, then saw her name and the location," Magallon told ABS-CBN News.

His former girlfriend and her new partner then got into the back seat to mark the extremely unfortunate coincidence – especially in a city of 12 million other residents.

Thankfully the pair, who dated for over two years, were able to see the funny side and joked about their unplanned meeting. Magallon said he was not surprised about his ex's new beau, as the pair remain friends on social media.

Magallon took a selfie of the encounter to break the ice and posted it to Facebook. In his post, he joked that Uber had made a massive error.

"Hi Uber PH I matched with my ex and her new guy in Uberpool. Maybe there's something wrong with the application. Valentine's Day is near. Please have a fix on this ASAP", he said.

So far his post has received over three thousand shares from other Facebook users who have offered their support, especially with St. Valentine's Day less than a week away.