Minneapolis, Minnesota has been named the United States city with the fastest 4G internet speeds, narrowly beating out Detroit, Michigan.

Open Signal tested the 35 biggest cities in the US over a three month period between July and September. The average download speed in Minneapolis was 21.5 Mbps. The mid-western region proved the strongest, with only one city outside of the area cracking into the top five.

Seattle, which is on the west coast, finished third. Chicago and St. Louis finished fourth and fifth, respectively.

On the other end of the spectrum, Las Vegas finished dead last with 4G speeds. The popular tourist destination managed an average speed of just 11.65 Mbps, about half of what Minneapolis reached.

Only six cities from the tests failed to beat the national average (13.98 Mbps). San Antonio and Denver rounded out the bottom three.

As for the United States' most prolific cities, New York finished mid-table with an average speed of 16.42 Mbps. Los Angeles was slightly lower at 16.02 Mbps and the nation's capital, Washington DC, struggled to crack 15 Mbps (14.9 Mbps).

But despite strong download speeds locally, most of the US cities failed to match the global average. Just 14 of the 35 managed to best the international standard of 16.6 Mbps.

In the UK, 4G speeds did top the international average but were still bested by countries such as Mexico, Romania and Serbia. The UK's average was 22.01 Mbps. Singapore topped the rankings with lightning fast speeds of 46.64 Mbps.

Of the 4G service providers in the UK, OpenSignal revealed EE leads the way in download speed (29Mbps) and availability (78%). 3 finished runner up for speeds (22.31Mbps) but suffered from having the worst availability (57%).

All four 4G providers (EE, 3, O2 and Vodafone) improved their availability rate when compared with the start of the year.