Two naked prostitutes chased a would-be client and his accomplice after the two gun-toting men robbed them in the morning of 2 January at the Atlanta Marriott Bulkhead Hotel and Conference Center, Atlanta police said. The women told authorities that a man came to their room and discussed prices for about 10 minutes, Officer Kim Jones said in a statement.

"He then started to leave and when the door opened, the second suspect forced his way inside while holding a handgun," Jones said. "One suspect would point the gun at the victims while the other went through the victims' property." Police said that one woman was naked and the second said she was forced to take off her clothes.

The thieves allegedly stole $3,000 (£2,037) from one woman and $640 from the other woman before leaving. The women then ran after the two men but stopped after the two ran down the stairs, Jones told police.

Police said that a fellow hotel guest called law enforcement after witnessing the naked chase down the hallway. Officers received the call shortly before 10am EST (3pm GMT), The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. Authorities said that surveillance video from the Lenox Square Mall shows the men running into a car park but police were unable to identify them from the footage. The hotel's employees are also reviewing surveillance images.

The female escorts gave investigators possible telephone numbers for the suspects and minimal description of the men. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, one suspect was in all black, including a black scarf and glasses. The other suspect was allegedly wearing a red shirt with grey trousers. 11Alive reported that the suspects were described as being black males.