New Orleans cop killer
33-year-old Travis Boys was being transported in a police car when he fatally shot Police Officer Daryle Holloway. Twitter

New Orleans police have confirmed they have arrested a man suspected of shooting and killing a police officer.

Officer Daryle Holloway, 45, was driving Travis Boys, 33, to prison on Saturday (20 June) when he was shot and killed.

Boys had been arrested the previous night on an aggravated assault charge.

Describing how the incident occurred, Superintendent Michael Harrison said Boys was able to get his hands out of handcuffs, grab the officer's firearm and shoot him while he was driving. Harrison said Boys came from the back seat into the front seat through a hole in the cage. The vehicle crashed into a utility pole and Boys fled the scene.

Mr Holloway, a police officer of 22 years service and a father of three, was rushed to hospital but died from his injuries.

Harrison described it as "an extremely sad day" and said Mr Holloway's family were "taking it extremely hard".