Rhodri Giggs has made fresh claims about his ex-wife Natasha Giggs in a sensational new interview, during which he confessed he wanted to hurt his brother Ryan after finding out he was one of the 10 footballers Natasha cheated on him with.

In a recent appearance on James English's "Anything Goes" podcast, Rhodri revealed that he could name ten footballers, many of them his "good pals," who slept with Natasha Levers while she was still married to him. The former footballer, who shares two sons with Natasha, said that one of these footballers fled a bar in Portugal instead of coming face-to-face with him, reports Mail Online.

Natasha was with Rhodri from 2003 till 2011. She caused quite a stir after she came public with the news that she had been sleeping with his famous brother Ryan for eight years. She even admitted that she had aborted Ryan's baby just weeks before she tied the knot with Rhodri in Las Vegas in 2010.

On the other hand, Ryan was married to and had children with Stacey Cooke. Their marriage continued for another eight years after Ryan's affair with Natasha became public, until Cooke finally filed for divorce in 2017 upon finding out about another affair her husband was having with a PR executive. Ryan cheated on Stacey with "Big Brother" star Imogen Thomas as well, and went as far as to take out a gag order to keep it secret.

A decade after the scandal destroyed the Giggs family, Rhodri has revealed that he and Natasha are successfully co-parenting their two children, even though it took him a good five years to get over her betrayal. And while he is on speaking terms with her again, he hasn't spoken to his brother yet.

"If I had seen him (Ryan) walking down the street, I would have run him over no doubt about it. What happened was a big bite in the a**e but it has made me a better person for it," he admitted.

Rhodri also revealed that he hasn't spoken to his mother Lynne Giggs since the scandal as she sided with his brother despite him being the innocent party. However, Rhodri sure had the support of his father, ex-Wales player Danny Wilson, who said in a 2018 interview he was "ashamed" of Ryan.

"I should be the proudest dad in the world, as happy as a lark by what he's achieved - but I am ashamed of him," Wilson told The Sun, adding, "I can't even bring myself to use his name - I refer to him as the ex-footballer."

Meanwhile, Natasha, who moved on with partner Mark Smith with whom she now shares two children, said she is not upset with her ex-husband for his recent interview. She told The Sun: "Whilst Rhodri's recollection can differ from the truth sometimes, I have no issue with him talking about his version of events as it's all part of his healing process. I have no desire to be drawn back into talking about events that happened ten to fifteen years ago as I have very much moved on."

Ryan Giggs, Natasha Giggs
Ryan Giggs (left) and Natasha had an eight-year affair, even when she was married to his brother Rhodri. Facebook