A match indeed made in heaven; an Iowa woman donated one of her kidneys to her husband marking their 50 years of union.

Jan Maulsby from Clear Lake, Iowa, donated one of her kidneys to her husband Mike Maulsby last week and both reportedly recovering well after the surgery, reported CBS News.

"Celebrating 50 years of marriage is a big deal in itself, but it's the ultimate gift to be able to give something like this to your spouse," said Maulsbys' daughter-in-law, Christina Maulsby.

Mike had been desperately awaiting a donor kidney for some five years and was undergoing dialysis treatment for about a year now.

After several relatives were tested to find a good match for Mike, it was determined that his son's kidney would work best. However, doctors recommended against it due to the young man's own health.

"Mom stepped up because he [Dad] didn't want to wait another year," said the couple's son, Grant Maulsby. "With Dad suffering last year with dialysis, it shows the love the two have for each other."

The couple is due to leave the hospital in a few days, however Mike will continue getting post-transplant treatment at the Mayo Clinic for a month.