Vanessa Feltz
Vanessa Feltz is an outspoken media personality.

BBC radio presenter Vanessa Feltz has been granted extra security by the corporation following anonymous emails threats to behead her.

The media personality, who hosts shows on Radio London and Radio 2, is understood to be "shaken" at the news and fearing for her life, according to the Daily Mirror.

Feltz is now reportedly being escorted around BBC premises by personal security guards, with BBC bosses taking the threats "seriously."

A source told The Sun on Sunday: "Any form of death threat is frightening for the target, but the threats made to Vanessa were especially vile.

"One even threatened to behead her. They were in emails and were taken very seriously from the start.

"Vanessa is now being escorted by security staff, and she has to let the right people know every time she leaves the office.

"The entire security team has been made aware of what has happened. She is happy the best efforts are being made to keep her safe.

"But it has been very difficult for her to cope with, and she is shaken. When she has been seen around the building she has looked very, very stressed."

The 54-year-old is known for her outspoken views. In 2015, she claimed that she had been a victim of sexual assault at the hands of disgraced entertainer Rolf Harris during Channel 4's The Big Breakfast in 1996.

She said the presenter put his hand up her dress and felt her leg during an interview.

And earlier this year the mother-of-two found herself at the centre of another media storm after former London mayor Ken Livingstone claimed that Hitler supported Zionism during an interview on her show.

Feltz, herself Jewish, is married to singer-songwriter Ben Ofoedu.

The BBC and Feltz's representatives are yet to comment on the reports.