A growing number of iPhone X users are reportedly having trouble answering incoming phone calls with their brand new $1,000 (£999) device. Hundreds of people have taken to Apple's support forums to report the serious issue saying the phone's touchscreen does not immediately wake up for several seconds when ringing, therefore preventing them from answering the call or even seeing who is on the other line.

When the screen does eventually light up seconds later, the person on the other end of the line has likely already hung up.

Since December, numerous users have reported facing similar issues on support forums. It is still unclear whether it is a hardware or software issue.

Some users reported visiting the Apple Store and replacing their iPhone X altogether to address the issue, but the problem cropped up again.

"Most iPhone X users are facing these issues including my friends and colleagues," one forum user wrote. "There is also another issue I found with proximity sensor while in a call. The display doesn't come back on even when I take away the phone from my ears while on call."

Another person wrote: "Man I am facing exactly the same problem. I thought there was a problem with the device so I went to Apple service support in my country and gave me a brand new replacement which has the same problem. It is definitely a software issue. Apple should do something about it as it is very annoying and I am losing my calls."

Apple told Financial Times that it is "looking into these reports" but did not offer any details regarding what could be the cause of the problem or a timeline for a fix.

Over the past few months, Apple has drawn complaints about several issues plaguing the iPhone X including green lines appearing on some displays, autofocus issues with the rear-facing camera and unresponsive screens in cold temperatures, Face ID security and reports of distortion and buzzing sounds from the speaker.

IBTimes UK has reached out to Apple for further comment.

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