A video of a group of people looting an already robbed cash-in-transit van on Monday (4 September) is doing the rounds on social media.

Video footage captured by a bystander shows people rushing towards the blown up van to grab the remaining cash. The video shared by the Intelligence Bureau of South Africa on their Facebook page has got 285K views and has been shared 5,708 times.

The incident took place on the R510 road in Monakato, Rustenburg in South Africa, North West province police spokesperson, Colonel Sabata Mokgwabone said.

According to news website The South African, the robbers could not flee with all the cash and onlookers helped themselves to the money left behind.

"It is alleged an unconfirmed number of suspects blew up a cash-in-transit van with explosives. They left with an undisclosed amount of money," Mokgwabone said.

Onlookers had made the work of the police even more difficult with their own act of looting, he said.

"We condemn this behaviour as it has led to the contamination of the crime scene. It has made the police's work difficult," he said.

Head of AfriForum's [a South African civil-rights organisation] community safety division Ian Cameron who received the video, said "It seems as though the majority of the cash was taken and the onlookers were just trying to take the left-over cash and whatever other items were left behind."

Mokgwabone added that the police were mulling over what action can be taken against those seen looting in the video.

Earlier, on 1 April, an armoured cash-in-transit van was blown up en route to OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg.

The van was seized by armed robbers on a busy highway and the suspects were said to be travelling in a BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

They shot the van's tyre before forcing the guards out of the vehicle. They blew the vehicle up with explosives and made off with an undisclosed amount of cash.