Video shows the dog attacked the police officers in east London (Youtube/xBASSxMONSTAx)
Video shows the dog attacked the police officers in east London (Youtube/xBASSxMONSTAx)

Graphic footage showing the moment five police officers were attacked by a 'pitbull-type' dog in east London has emerged.

The officers from Newham were savaged by the dog as they tried at arrest a man in Albert Square.

The footage shows the dog, named Poison, biting down on one officer's arm and another officer's legs as he tried to fight off the animal. Pools of blood were visible on the street after the attack.

The dog was contained before being shot dead after the attack.

Its owner, Pierre Robinson, 25, was arrested for grievous bodily harm and kidnapping.

He will also appear in court accused of "allowing the dog to be dangerously out of control".

Three of the officers suffered leg and hand wounds but are in a stable condition at the Royal London Hospital. One of the officers may require may require skin grafts. The other two officers have been released.

It has emerged that the dog that mauled the officers may have been responsible for another attack on a passer-by last year.

Officers were sent to investigate reports that a cyclists had been bitten by a dog in April 2011 but no arrests were made.

Commander Stephen Watson, commander for north-east London, said: "This allegation was not picked up in the intelligence assessment prior to today's operation, and this now forms part of my review of today's events."

Dog bite incidents in the UK have risen 79 percent in London and 43 percent nationally in recent years, according to figures obtained by the Kennel Club.

Warning: The video contains graphing images.

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