Here is your round-up of the biggest video game news stories from the past seven days, including Sony's massive sales milestone for the PS4, reports that GameCube games will be coming to Nintendo's new console and the announcement that new Pokémon are are to be introduced to mobile hit Pokémon Go.

Below are the original stories in part. For further details, click the headlines.

PlayStation 4 has sold 50 million units worldwide

PlayStation 4 has now sold more than 50 million units worldwide since it launched in November 2013, according to a Sony announcement. The latest milestone has been reached following this year's Black Friday sales and the release of the PS4 Slim and more powerful PS4 Pro.

"We're truly delighted that the PS4 community continues to flourish since launch three years ago," Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO Andrew House said in a statement.

Smash Bros Melee and Super Mario Sunshine 'heading to Nintendo Switch'

Nintendo will bring GameCube games to its hybrid handheld and home console the Nintendo Switch, according to a new report. The early 2000s favourite is the only Nintendo hardware that hasn't had games made available on the Wii and Wii U's Virtual Console.

Eurogamer reports, citing three separate sources, that Super Smash Bros Melee, Luigi's Mansion and Super Mario Sunshine will be among the first games ported over to the Switch, a selection that is sure to please fans.

The report also claims a port of the original Animal Crossing is also being developed.

Pokémon Go to add new Pokémon as US partnerships announced

The official Pokémon Twitter account has confirmed that new Pokémon are to be added to mobile hit Pokémon Go, with further details to be announced on Monday 12 December.

Go's first US promotional partner was also revealed to be mobile company Sprint, with Starbucks announced as the second partner shortly after.

A Starbucks leak prior to the official confirmation indicated that 100 new Pokémon will be added to the game, which backs up the assumption that it will be the second generation of Pokémon – from the Gold and Silver games – that are added.

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