Video of father beats child
An abusive father can be seen assaulting his five-year-old son by hanging him upside down from the ceiling while his younger sister is seen hiding behind a wall Youtube Videograb/ UttarPradesh

In a shocking video that has emerged on social media, a father can be seen beating his five-year-old son by hanging him from the ceiling. The video was filmed in India's western state of Rajasthan.

According to reports, 32-year-old Chain Singh was arrested after the video [graphic content, viewer discretion is advised], which was allegedly captured by neighbours, went viral on social media. The clip also shows Singh hitting his minor daughter.

The man did not stop beating his children even after neighbours intervened to save them, Deccan Chronicle newspaper reported. Singh has now been taken into custody under the Juvenile Justice Act of India and the police are also questioning his wife about the incident.

Rajasthan State Commission for Protection of Child Rights chairperson has said that the man as well as the person who uploaded the video on social media will be punished.

In a separate case, a video of a man repeatedly thrashing his 10-year-old son for "lying" recently went viral. The incident, filmed in the city of Bengaluru, is said to have taken place about two months ago.

Mahendra, the boy's father, can be seen throwing his son several times on the bed and the floor, and kicking him mercilessly while his wife, who is recording the clip, can be heard saying that the boy had lied once again.

Police have arrested Mahendra and have registered a case against him. According to local sources, the video was discovered after the boy's mother had given her phone for repair.