This is the heart-stopping moment a passenger falls between a train and platform onto railway tracks at a station in Kent.

CCTV footage of the incident at Broadstairs station shows the man step off the Southeastern train as it lay stationary on the platform.

He can then be seen stumbling and falling backwards before plunging and vanishing down the gap.

Luckily a woman spotted the fall and alerted other passengers on the platform, who then told the driver.

The man was helped back onto the platform without serious injury, rail workers said.

The incident took place at around 8pm on 6 March last year, but the video only emerged online this month after it was leaked to rail campaign group The Association of British Commuters.

Southeastern said the incident was "fully investigated" and that no safety regulations were breached.

A spokesperson said: "We concluded that the train driver (seen wearing a woolly hat and scarf in the CCTV footage) identified the incident quickly and reacted appropriately, leaving his cab and going to the aid of the passenger who had fallen on the track.

"No health and safety regulations or procedures were breached and there was no risk of the train moving off.

"We use this video as a resource for training drivers to highlight the importance of being vigilant to safety issues which can develop very quickly. We were very pleased that the passenger was not badly injured."

A Rail Accident Investigation Branch spokesman said it was aware of the incident but did not investigate as the train was not moving.