Catcall Auckland
Catcall Auckland experiment shows woman is not harassed while walking on the streets The New Zealand Herald

The video experiment showing a woman receiving more than 100 catcalls while walking on the streets of New York for 10 hours has been replicated in Auckland, New Zealand - but with surprising results.

Contrary to the treatment that the woman experienced during her time walking the streets of New York City, Kiwi actress Nicola Simpson was not harassed and was approached by only two men, one of whom is a tourist who asks her for directions.

Simpson wore a T-shirt and a pair of jeans, like Shoshana Roberts , the actress in the New York's version of the video.

The 26-year-old model, who is also a Yoga instructor, said the two men who approached her were polite.

"It was nice, people were actually quite polite. I didn't feel uncomfortable at all," she said to the newspaper New Zealand Herald, which shot the video.

Simpson lived in New York for several years, where she said she was often harassed on the streets.

"It was extreme [in New York]. I hate it; I don't want or like the attention at all. It's not a compliment."

The NZH said: "Hidden camera footage shot by the Herald on Friday shows the young woman was virtually ignored by passers-by.

"The footage was shot by the Herald in an attempt to measure the level of street harassment - sexual comments, catcalls and whistles from male strangers on the street - experienced by women in the area."

While the New York video was praised for highlighting the levels of intimidation women have to endure when walking down the street, it also faced accusations of racial bias for appearing to mainly feature mainly black and Latino men.