In less than a week after its debut, Half-Life: Alyx is already making a big splash in the gaming scene. Since it is designed for virtual reality headsets, some gamers might feel left out. However, the company is offering a special bundle that includes a free copy of for buyers and owners of its first-party VR headset – the Index. Even though the company is not offering a Black Friday deal for the product, reports claim it is already sold out. While some territories still have inventory, it looks like consumers in Canada and the U.S. need to wait for the next batch to arrive.

Virtual Reality experts from Road to VR are reporting that after "Half-Life: Alyx" was announced last week, most of Valve's Index bundles shortly sold out thereafter. Even after checking the official outlets, only those for the US and Canada are marking the items with "Back in Stock Soon." There's no word when restocks will arrive, but sources speculate the shortage might last well into late December.

So the #ValveIndex is completely sold out and the #OculusQuest has sold 400000 units in 6 months. Every single holiday season since the 3 major #VirtualReality platforms launched, #VR Headset sales have increased.

That sure is some "fad," one that keeps gaining steam every year.

— Gabriel Morales (@GabeMoralesVR) November 28, 2019

Meanwhile, sources claim that the starter kit, which includes the Index VR headset, two controllers, and base stations are still available. Nevertheless, upon checking out, the online store advises buyers that orders will be delivered before Wednesday, December 25. This is evidently almost saying that there is not enough inventory to cater to the massive number of orders.

It should be noted that Japan and Canada were recently added to the list of countries that can purchase the Index directly online from Valve. Hence, those who are desperate enough to own one soon have the option of importing the VR headset. It will cost more than the usual, but it might be a small price to pay in order to enjoy virtual reality gaming before the holidays.

Hi everyone, please don't buy the Valve Index headset.
If you do and it gets sold out so I can't buy it, I will be sad.

— yung Juggernaut (@Justin67598207) November 26, 2019

Meanwhile, Valve confirms that "Half-Life: Alyx" is not an exclusive title for the Index. Therefore, gamers have to option of purchasing other models to run the game when it comes out next year. For those who are interested, this recent article lists some of the best Black Friday deals available for VR headsets right now. These include the Oculus Rift S, Vive Pro, and Vive Cosmos, which are all compatible with the game.

Valve Index availability in Japan and Canada
Valve confirms plans to sell the Index VR headset in Japan and Canada, with more countries to come in the future. Photo: Valve