The Walking Dead Season 5 is just two episodes old but has gripped fans with emotionally intense and shocking scenes of cannibalism by Gareth and his group of survivors.

The scene in which Rick Grimes reunites with baby Judith and Daryl embraces Carol is particularly charged with emotion.

In the second episode of AMC's blockbuster zombie series, Daryl Dixon and Carol spotted a car which the crossbow bearer identified as the same car that kidnapped Beth in Season 4.

The two immediately followed the van while fans were left guessing the outcome of their Beth search operation.

While many speculated that Hershel Greene's once-fragile youngest daughter is already dead, a leaked video of an episode of TWD Season 5 reveals that Daryl's close friend is actually alive and is held captive in an unknown hospital. posted a video on its website along with a description.

"The area looks to be a functioning hospital and she is a little dazed and she pounds on the door to get out.. She has a cast on her arm and a doctor and a cop walk in on the scene. They tell her that she was picked up on the side of the road surrounded by walkers. They ask her if she remembers her name and she immediately responds 'Beth'."

The website suspects that the hospital is working on a cure for the zombie apocalypse which has nearly wiped out humans and that Beth may have been kept hostage for the experiment.

Meanwhile, the couple Caryl will be able to locate the hospital (according to the Facebook fan page, The Spoiling Dead Fans) but will have to fight quite a few walkers on their way to reach there.

It will be interesting to see how far the crossbow-wielding warrior can go to save his friend; and, will there be a love triangle among the three?

The Walking Dead Season 5 episode 3 "Four Walls and a Roof" airs this Sunday, in the US and on Mondays, in the UK.