The pressure was on for The Walking Dead's survivors as they sought to seek and destroy their brand new threat, Negan. Rick, Daryl, Abraham and Carol were among the members of the group to embark on the mission – but it had potentially disastrous consequences for two beloved characters.

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The Walking Dead season 6 episode 12

Carol has been noticeably absent from the last two episodes, but Not Tomorrow Yet opens with the mother hen ambling through mundane activities including browsing through her wardrobe and baking cookies for the rest of the community. Little does she know her world is about to be rocked by the group\'s huge mission to take down the Saviours.

Rick hosts a meeting in Alexandria\'s chapel to vote on whether the community feel it is a wise choice to attack Negan\'s group. Nobody objects to the plan except Morgan, who is still persistent on using a peaceful approach to resolve conflict as opposed to violence. However, he is outvoted and the group set off on their risky new venture.

Although his positive outlook is admirable, it is quite amazing that Morgan has learned nothing from secretly holding the Wolves member hostage a few weeks back resulting in the kidnap of Denise. Hopefully the upcoming events will give Morgan a more realistic view of The Next World.

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Speaking of which, Rick is taking every measure necessary to ensure their attack on the Saviours is executed perfectly. The group leader plans on presenting their threat with the head of Gregory, leader of the Hilltop community, like they requested – but of course, it won\'t actually be his head, but that of a lookalike zombie.

Rick\'s plan appears to be going swimmingly except for Carol\'s reservations – she is concerned about Maggie\'s involvement in the mission given her pregnancy and insists on sticking with the expectant mother to keep a watchful eye. This may later be something Carol comes to regret.

Night falls and the group advance on the Saviours\' base. After Andy successfully manages to persuade the two guards that he has brought them Gregory\'s head, Rick and pals storm the building like silent creepers, assassinating the Saviours in their sleep. Earlier Glenn and Heath had a heart-to-heart about being lucky enough to have never killed another human being so far during the zombie apocalypse, but that all changed later in the evening. Although Heath initially struggles with his first kill, Glenn appears to take some solace in that the Saviours are not good people – gruesome photos on their walls of people they have murdered seem to prove that.

The Walking Dead
Rick and Daryl led the charge as the group took down the Saviours at Negan\'s compound AMC

The plan is being mastered brilliantly until Sasha and Abraham come across one Saviour who wasn\'t in bed and sets off the alarm, waking the whole compound. Scores of Saviours are now piling down the stairs forcing the Alexandrians to blast them with fire resulting in an epic battle. Fortunately, none of Rick\'s group are seriously hurt and it seems they are home dry when they emerge into the morning light – until one lone Saviour bursts out of the compound. The group manage to apprehend him but they are suddenly told to lower their weapons by a mystery woman on the Saviour\'s walkie talkie. It seems the woman has taken  Carol and Maggie captive, who were keeping watch on the roadside. It looks as though Negan\'s team are larger in size than first thought.

So when do we finally get to meet the elusive figure named Negan and will Maggie and Carol survive? The drama continues in episode 13 which airs on 14 March at 9pm on Fox UK.