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The Walking Dead viewers finally learned of Glenn's fate in episode seven titled Heads Up AMC

It has taken four weeks but viewers of The Walking Dead have finally been put out of their misery about the fate of one of its most beloved characters. After weeks of speculation about whether he will live or die, episode seven of season six reveals what really happens to survivor Glenn. Just when it appears Alexandria has a chance of getting back on track, the community is dealt yet another devastating blow – quite literally.

The Walking Dead (7/10)

The episode, titled Heads Up, picks up right where viewers last saw Glenn, on the floor with a large group of walkers clambering around on top of him. In episode three, it initially appeared as though they were taking chunks out of the former pizza boy but, alas, as many correctly theorised they were actually eating into Nicholas who caused the whole mess in the first place. So there it is, Glenn is alive and after managing to escape the walkers, finds a familiar face on the road.

Enid, who ran away from Alexandria after the Wolves unleashed their bloody attack on the residence, comes to Glenn's rescue and hands him a bottle of water. But companionship is not exactly what she is after and she makes several attempts to continue through the woods alone. The defeated youngster muses: "The world is trying to die, we might as well just let it." Glenn refuses to send her out into the apocalyptic world alone and forces her to return to Alexandria with him.

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead: Rick, Michonne, Morgan and the other survivors try to piece Alexandria back together AMC/Fox

After weeks of singling out the characters and focusing on just one or two survivors, Heads Up became more of an ensemble with the other Alexandrians cast into the spotlight. Back in the fold with his friends, Rick is busy taking charge of getting their residence back into shape after the onslaught of violence from the Wolves destroyed their home. No doubt with a nudge from silently persuasive Carol, Rick makes it a priority to investigate whether Morgan is holding a member of the Wolves hostage.

In his standalone episode Here's Not Here, viewers saw Morgan did indeed take a man captive in his mission to fight violence with the power of words. However, in the committee meeting held by Rick, Carol and Michonne, Morgan refuses to divulge this secret. However, his betrayal becomes the least of their worries when a silly decision made by Spencer puts their lives in danger. With the walkers lining the outside of their walls, Deanna's son attempts to climb over the horde to the next wall using only a thin wire to pull him along.

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Naturally, the wire snaps sending Spencer plunging down into the sea of the dead, forcing Tara to put her own life in jeopardy trying to save him. After Rick scolds Spencer for the move, he then barks at Tara for risking her own survival for his but her response is not what the group leader wants to hear.

While Rick is of the mindset that it is his group of survivors against the Alexandrians, Tara believes they are all in it together. While it may be hard to reason with Rick's thinking, he can be forgiven for still giving Father Gabriel the cold shoulder following his betrayal of the group in season five. The holy man hopes to bring the community together with prayer but Rick immediately tears down the posters.

There is momentarily a glimmer of hope when the group spot a flurry of balloons floating nearby, which Maggie realises must be a sign from Glenn that he is safe. However, before they are even given the chance to be excited, the watchtower comes crashing down on the walls of Alexandria, presumably giving the walkers wide access to their home. Viewers will have to wait to see all the action in the mid-season finale next week when hopefully Daryl, Sasha and Abraham return.