Looks like fan-favourite character Daryl Dixon might be getting a new love interest on the next season of The Walking Dead.

According to the website Cleveland, a new casting call for TWD season 6 has revealed that the popular zombie drama is on the lookout for someone to play Allison, a woman in her "late 20s to early 40s". She's "a smart, artful and charming psychologist who quickly turns awkward and messy when it comes to her personal life".

"She'd much rather stay safely inside her comfort zone, but the true test of her mettle comes when the comfort's gone and the stakes are life and death. She's not cynical and really cares about people," states the description.

The character's name - Allison may or may not be real as The Walking Dead makers are notorious for using fake names during casting calls/production to avoid spoilers.

However, the Cleveland report speculates that the character does fall in line with where Daryl's story may be headed.

"During Season 5's episode 'Consumed', Daryl discovers a book on how to treat survivors of childhood abuse. It's a poignant moment the show has yet to follow up on, but that could change," states the website.

The company of a "charming psychologist" might be exactly what Daryl needs at this stage, especially as he (hopefully) comes out of the isolated state he's been in since Beth's death.

This new (rumoured) romantic angle for Daryl might not please fans who have been waiting for the character to get together with Carol. It remains to be seen how things unfold when The Walking Dead returns with season 6 this October.