Isis execution of Peshmerga forces
Unverified reports from Nineveh, Iraq claim Isis executed at least 80 Iraqis on 11 January Islamic State

The Islamic State (Isis) has reportedly executed over 80 people in the northwestern Iraqi province of Nineveh including members of the country's police and army on Monday (11 January), local media have reported.

According to ARA News, Isis (Daesh) militants arrested dozens of Iraqi police forces across the region, accusing them of collaborating with the US-backed government in Baghdad.

The unverified reports said the victims were killed by firing squad in the centre of the province. "This evening, elements of Isis executed 80 people, including elements of the army and police as well as activists against the organisation, by firing squad in al-Ghazlani Camp in central Nineveh," reported, quoted an unidentified source.

Media activist Abdullah al-Malla confirmed the reports to ARA News but with a different number of victims. He said: "85 police officers loyal to the Iraqi central government were executed by firing squad in the Ghazlami Camp in Al-Raas sub-district."

ARA News's source added: "The officers were executed while wearing their police uniform, after being accused by the Sharia Court of treason and cooperation with Crusader forces against the Caliphate."

According to IraqiNews, the victims were charged with "spying and communicating with the government and disclosing the organisation's sites."

Daesh's Sharia Court allegedly issued a statement accusing the Iraqi police of fighting against the caliphate on behalf of the US-led coalition. The court ordered for their immediate execution and warned that any member of the Iraqi forces or the Kurdish Peshmerga captured by Daesh would also be executed.

The execution report comes on the heels of a mall and separate car bomb attack by Daesh in a district of Baghdad that left 18 dead on the same day.

Isis claimed responsibility for that attack that left an addition 40 people injured. Another two bombs exploded in the eastern town of Muqdadiya, leaving at least 20 dead and injuring another 50 in attacks Daesh said were meant to target Shi'ite Muslims.