War and Peace
The episode 2 of War And Peace will be aired on BBC One on 9 January BBC one

With expectations galore, the first episode of the TV adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's epic Russian classic, War And Peace, did manage to keep fans intrigued. With the second episode scheduled to air on 10 January at 9pm on BBC One, fans will be hoping to witness some new twists in the British costume drama.

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead.

Below is the complete synopsis of the episode released by the network:

The Russian army is safe after a marginal success at Schongrabern that just keeps the French at bay. Andrei and Nikolai are both excited to tell stories of their involvement, until the sobering realisation strikes that a far more terrible battle awaits them. The tsar himself, confident of victory, comes to Austria to command the troops. But Andrei's wise old commander General Kutuzov is concerned that Napoleon is setting a trap.

Back in Russia, Natasha and her family are desperate to hear news from Nikolai. Pierre is married to Helene but struggles to settle into their life together. With his daughter happily coupled off, Prince Vassily's thoughts turn to marrying off his son Anatole. They travel to meet Andrei's sister, Marya, at Prince Bolkonsky's country estate. Marya is tempted by the unexpected prospect of romance, but her father is less convinced of Anatole's intentions.

In episode 2, fans will see the Russian army having some relief at Schongrabern. Even as the tsar is confident of victory, General Kutuzov is not yet convinced. He thinks that Napolean is hatching a trap.

Now, keeping in mind the synopsis, fans will surely have a few questions like: What will be the real aftermath of the war? As Natasha Rostova and her family await news from Nikolai, will it happy or sad? And, who is Fedya Dolokhov – being introduced in episode 2.

In episode 1, fans saw that in 1805, the French Army under Napolean Bonaparte invades Austria. Russia joins hands with Vienna, when the French Army reach the East. When the story opens, Anna Pavlovna, a renowned socialite of the time, is seen hosting a party. Many characters who play crucial roles including – Pierre Bezukhov, Prince Andri Bolkonski and Prince Vassily – are introduced in the first chapter.

Pierre Bezukhov, is seen as the illegitimate son of Count Bezukhov, who has fathered many such children. But for some reason, Pierre remains a favourite. He is also a huge supporter of Napolean Bonaparte and his policies.

The Count is on his death bed and his close ones are ready to snatch his fortunes away. Fortunately for Pierre, the count dies leaving a will that makes him the sole heir. Now, Pierre is no longer an outcast in aristocratic groups.

Meanwhile, Rostova – a free spirit and friend of Pierre – is also introduced, while her brother Nikolai is set to go to the battle field. He is in love with his childhood friend Sonya. Watching their love, thoughts of love also blossom in Natasha's heart.

Moreover, back in St Petersburg, when Pierre puts forth his wish to get married, Anna Pavlovna introduces him to the wily Prince Helena, who is in an incestuous relationship with her brother. She manages herself to be betrothed to Pierre.

To know how things unfold further in the show, watch the episode 2 of War And Peace that airs on 10 January at 9pm on BBC One.

You can also click here to watch the episode online on the BBC One website