police at the scene
Police are investigating the toddler's death (file photo). iStock

A toddler who was killed in a house fire in Washington State was found cuddled up with his teddy bear and his dog, which also died in the blaze.

Officials believe the terrier-mixed breed dog was trying to protect the three-year old boy, the LA Times reported, with a spokesperson for Spokane Fire Department stating "they died together".

The blaze broke out at a home in the Hillyard neighbourhood of Spokane city at around 11.30pm on Friday evening (21 October), with three other children and two adults managing to escape the burning home.

However, the toddler did not manage to escape the fire, and was found in his bedroom where the fire had damaged everything.

Spokane Fire Department Assistant Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer said the fire had "melted everything", telling The Spokesman-Review: "There was no way to survive that."

It is believed neighbours attempted to hose down the house, and sprayed water through one of the windows when they heard there was a child stuck inside.

One man told the local newspaper he was unsure whether a smashed window at the property was a result of the fire or an attempt to break in and save the youngster.

The fire department reported there had been a smoke alarm at the property but added it was not believed to have had a battery inside it.

Authorities are investigating the child's death and the cause of the fire.