The 100 season 3 returns with a new episode this Thursday, where Clarke Griffin will try to convince Luna to take the flame, and Murphy leads a movement to destroy Alie in Polis. Episode 14 is titled, Red Sky At Morning, which will air on 5 May at 9pm EST on The CW.

The official synopsis reads as follows:

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In the previous episode, Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia and Jasper found Luna, but she refused their offer to become the commander and took all of them away to a safe place, which happens to be in the middle of an ocean.

Meanwhile, Pike, Indira and Murphy were kept in prison for refusing to take the chip, as Alie tortures Kane to reveal Clarke's hideout. Kane was even put on the cross and tortured, but later when Alie threatens to kill Abby, Kane takes the chip and becomes one of them.

Jason Rothenberg previewed the upcoming episode in a promo video. Speaking about Clarke and her team, he said, "In this episode [they are] stranded on an oil rig, in the middle of the ocean, where Luna has lived and has her band of "riggies". They are not subjected to the hell, that everybody else is. They are safe."

"They need to convince her [Luna] to put this thing in her head and become the commander. We will see whether they are successful or not. Clarke of course is determined as always, but I think Luna is a very different type of person that we have ever seen in the show", added the producer.

Another promo for the episode shows Murphy starting a movement to destroy Alie. Pike asks Murphy if he has any information that can help them. Murphy replies, "Jaha's backpack! If we can destroy it, I am pretty sure we can destroy Alie."

Alie learns of their plan and tells Jaha, "They are going for the back-pack" Can Murphy destroy Alie? Can Clarke convince Luna to become the commander? We will have to wait and watch.