The Affair season 2 returns with a lot more drama for Noah, Alison, Cole and Helen this Sunday 4 October at 10pm ET/PT on Showtime. Noah and Alison cheated on their spouses, Helen and Cole respectively, in season 1, but now that they are finally together it will not be a smooth road.

The first season ended with Noah getting arrested for Scotty's murder. Also, the confrontation between Noah and Cole over Scotty Lockhart getting the Solloways' teenage daughter pregnant, could hint at him being the killer. Click here to watch the premiere episode online on Showtime website.

According to the official synopsis for episode 1, "Noah and Helen's divorce is complicated by conflict." Showtime described the upcoming season of The Affair as "with a murder unsolved and a betrayal exposed, everyone's truth is suspect. Told from Cole and Helen's points of view as well as Alison and Noah's, the story cracks wide open to reveal a complex web of intrigue and deceit more dangerous than anyone could have imagined."

Ruth Wilson, who plays Alison, said in a promo video, "The start of this season is Noah and Alison together. She is investing in this relationship." The promo also shows Alison questioning Noah: "Everything is fine now, but what happens when we leave, when we have to face the real world?"

Wilson says, "This season we will be watching consequences of Noah and Alison's affair, and consequences are not just for Alison and Noah, they are for Cole and Helen as well. You have to see their points of view."

"A lot of the theme of Alison is that she feels very alienated from her own perspective. She always perceived herself as the victim and she is always been looking for someone to save her whether its Cole, now its Noah, but there is a lot of conflict."

The promo also shows some trouble in paradise for the two as Noah tells Alison, "I blew up my life for you. I don't belong to you. We are not living in your book, you cannot control me," Alison replies. Wilson previewed that by the end of season 2 there is a lot of anger and betrayal, as the promo ends with Alison saying, "I think we are making a terrible mistake."