The Amazing Race season 28
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The upcoming episode of The Amazing Race season 28 titled Welcome to Bloody Fingers 101 will see the teams travel to Tbilisi, Georgia, to compete in yet another set of challenges. In the previous episode, the teams travelled to Yerevan, Armenia, for the first time in the show's history.

Warning: Potential spoilers

According to CarterMatt, a tough Roadblock could overwhelm some of the teams, while Korey from team Tyler & Korey might struggle with the dance challenge organised almost every season. However, Team Dana & Matt could excel in the upcoming episode.

Currently, Team Dana & Matt are positioned in the middle of the rankings, with all the teams still in the running for the title. Meanwhile, Team Sheri & Cole has struggled to keep up with the rest of the teams but has managed to stick around in the race. In the previous episode, Team Sheri & Cole was positioned at the last place because Sheri struggled at the Roadblock. However, the teams can utilise their good observational skills and pick the right Detour during Roadblock to surpass others and gain advantage.

In the promo video, the teams can be seen having fun while waiting for some transportation to their next challenge. Later in the trailer, Burnie and Ashley are shown riding on a bus with the view suggesting that the location they are travelling to could be a countryside or a small town rather that a city.

"We've wondered what could possibly be out here," Burnie says. "We are thinking may be, there is... we have seen a lot of sheep." Ashley adds: "Or goats." Burnie then says: "We might be goat or sheep herding. Which will be a lot of fun." Ashley then says they could be making cheese, to which Burnie replies in the affirmative.

The upcoming episode titled Welcome to Bloody Fingers 101 airs on 8 April at 8.00pm EST on CBS. Chick here to watch the episode online.