Criminal Mind season 11 returns with an all-new episode this Wednesday (2 March) at 9pm EST on CBS Network. Episode 16 titled Derek will focus on a Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) team trying to rescue Derek Morgan.

According to the synopsis: "When Morgan is abducted, the BAU scrambles to find him and save his life, on Criminal Minds." Click here to watch it online. You can watch the episode via live stream by clicking here.

The previous episode of the CBS series ended with Derek getting abducted on his way home while on the phone with Savannah. Showrunner Erica Messer previewed a lot of troubles for Derek (played by Shemar Moore) in episode 16. She told TVLine: "There is a lot going on with Derek. He's really taking up our emotional head space for a good chunk of this midseason stretch."

Emmy nominee Danny Glover will guest star as Derek's father Hank in the episode. Although Derek's dad is long established as being dead, his surprise appearance will surely bring some new plot twist.

Speaking about Glover's casting as Hank, Messer told TVLine: "It's an interesting role that he plays. The reason Derek needs to call on this protector in this moment and work through some things is really beautifully written by Breen Frazier, and directed by [cast member] Thomas Gibson."

A new promo for the episode shows Derek tied up and tortured by his abductors. Another promo reveals Derek has gone into his "dreamland, his fantasy world, his safe place" to deal with what is happening to him. He sees his father, who will be there to help him through this physical and emotional crisis.

Moore previewed the episode in a promo video and shared: "When you see Derek in this episode in the opening, he's become a hostage. They want to teach him a lesson and make him pay a price."

His father is "going to make Derek face himself, see himself", Moore teased, before adding: "If you're weak, you will lose. You have to overcome every fear, and you have to find that strength you're capable of."

Will the BAU team reach in time to save Derek or will Derek die? To know more, watch episode 16 of Criminal Minds airing on 2 March.