NCIS Season 13
Michael Weatherly as Special Agent Anthony 'Tony' DiNozzo in NCIS season 13 episode 23 pictures CBS

With just two episodes left in NCIS season 13, stakes are high for the agents as the team will be busy hunting down rogue MI6 Agent Jacob Scott. Also, FBI Agent Tobias Fornell will be seen fighting for life after being hit on the chest twice by Scott in episode 22.

Episode 23 titled Dead Letter will air this Tuesday (10 May) at 8pm EST on CBS. The official synopsis reads as follows:

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Sarah Clarke and Duane Henry make their debut as FBI Special Agent Tess Monroe and MI6 Officer Clayton Reeves respectively in the pre-finale chapter. A promo for the episode opens with Leroy Jethro Gibbs taking Fornell to the hospital and from the look of it he seems to be in a critical condition. The promo also mentions a "trail of dead bodies".

The promo also mentions Cote De Pablo's character, as Gibbs is seen questioning someone: "Ziva David, why are you looking for her?" The promo ends with the voiceover declaring: "Michael Weatherly's final two episode begins."

Weatherly, in an interview with Extra TV, dropped teasers about how his character Agent Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo will exit the show. When asked if Tony will die in the season 13 finale, the actor shared: "Part of him dies. I do know that there is death... sudden death."

He also added: "I hope that everyone in fanland understands that this was the natural way for DiNozzo to leave... and DiNozzo leaves 'NCIS' the same way he came... which is my cryptic little puzzle message to the fans."

So, do you think Tony will die? To know more, keep watching the last few episodes of NCIS season 13 every Tuesday on CBS.