Outcast by Robert Kirkman
Cinemax has released the first episode online of its latest horror thriller Outcast Cimenax

Robert Kirkman's latest horror drama Outcast will premiere on 3 June, but Cinemax has already released its first episode online. The series narrates the story of Kyle Barnes (Patrick Fugit) who is burdened with a disturbing past.

Kyle is being haunted by demons possessing his loved ones but what is more troublesome is that he has to relive those memories through each case taken by him.

Created by The Walking Dead writer Kirkman, first episode is titled as A Darkness Surrounds Him and the show creator is of the view that the his series is much more scarier than his super hit zombie series.

"It's not a road show like The Walking Dead," he told EW. "There's not a lot of traveling or things like that. The town of Rome, West Virginia, is very much its own character in the show, and the community that's built there is kind of what makes it so terrifying to think about all these people that know each other's secrets.

"But there's this element in this town that is changing them, that's making them different people, that's making them a threat. Your friends and neighbors and loved ones can be your greatest enemy at the turn of a dime, and it's not because they're mindless monsters — they're a cunning, manipulative, very dangerous creature that is suddenly in your midst. It's a scarier show."

Kirkman added that the character of Kyle is darker than Rick Grimes as his life is ruined even before he starts his journey. "When we meet Kyle Barnes at the beginning of Outcast, his life has already been ruined, and he is completely at the end of his rope from this phenomenon that surrounds him that he's been dealing with his entire life. And so, it's really more a process of him digging himself out of this hole and trying to take control of his life again. At the very start of our show, he's in a darker place than Rick Grimes has really ever been."

Outcast will premiere on 3 June on Cinemax. But the episode has been released online by the network. Watch it below.