Quantico episode 4
Alex asks Simon to help her unmask Nimah and Raina as she thinks they are behind the terror attack ABC

The dangerous cat and mouse game between Alex Parrish and the FBI continues as the former trainee tries to prove her innocence in the deadly Grand Central Station explosion. Each episode of the popular ABC thriller poses a character as a suspect against whom Parrish gets some leads. However, each time her frustration increases a bit more as none of the leads help her in proving that she is not guilty of the terror attack.

The upcoming episode will bring identical twins Nimah and Raina, whose actions will be much more suspicious leaving Parrish in a state of confusion. The twin sisters were appointed at the Quantico base as NATs for a unique secret mission. The rookie agent discovers that one of the twins was at the Grande Central two days prior to the blast and seeks help from Simon.

The official description of episode 7 titled Go reads: It's midterm exam time at Quantico where the NATS are given an explosive assignment which results in some people going home for good. In the future, Alex continues to try and clear her name, finding Nimah and Raina who provide more questions than answers leaving Alex and the world to wonder, "who can you really trust?"

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The promo of the episode reveals that the FBI is on the verge of arresting Parrish as they raid Alex, Simon, Ryan, and Shelby's hiding spot. In the previous episode titled God, the focus was on Mirana's son Charlie, who was influenced by extremist groups to plan an attack on his high school. Charlie is out of prison on parole and the FBI mentor has to deal with her troubled son apart from the ongoing fiasco.

It will be interesting to see, how the absconding FBI trainee will bring the real mastermind behind the deadly blast to books, and whether the identical twins are responsible for it.

The pre-finale episode of Quantico will air on 8 November on ABC network. The seventh episode is written by Logan Slakter and directed by Patrick Norris.