Scandal season 5
The political thriller by ABC will focus on the Olitz relationship ABC

After a 15-day hiatus, Scandal season 5 will return with episode 13 on 10 March on ABC. As there have been numerous changes at the White House since the midseason premiere, Olivia Pope will be seen trying to catch up with Jake, post her infamous break-up with President Fitz Grant.

On the other hand, the president was caught making out with reporter Lillian Forrester by Abby, who had a huge fight with him regarding his actions. She also reminded him about Liv and her "trustworthiness".

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The upcoming episode will focus on a major showdown between the former lovers and the promo reveals Liv's outburst, where she accuses her former lover of being a "selfish and reckless man". It will be interesting to see how Fitz will react to her allegations since she is the one who aborted their baby without even informing him about it.

Their personal drama aside, the Pope daughter will get back to her business inside the White House when Abby will approach her to help solve the murder case involving secret service agents and a dead woman.

The synopsis of the episode titled The Fish Rots From The Head reads:

Olivia and the team take on some embattled Secret Service agents. Meanwhile, Abby has her hands full trying to keep Fitz in line, and Jake begins to reveal a few secrets of his own.

Meanwhile, Jake, the good natured man of the series, will face another set of troubles due to his new girlfriend Vanessa Moss. In the previous episode, Huck and Quinn suspected something fishy with Moss, but the synopsis hints that the upcoming instalment of the Shonda Rhimes created series will unravel more secrets about Jake.

Scandal season 5 airs on Thursdays at 8pm CT on ABC network.