Scream season 2 episode 2 titled Psycho will air on MTV on 6 June at 11 pm EST Scream/MTV

Scream season 2 will air a brand new episode on 6 June that furthers the story of the Lakewood survivors in the aftermath of a killing spree. Episode 2 titled Psycho — following the series trend of utilising horror movie titles — will see tension unfold as Maggie Duval reveals certain secrets from Emma Duval's past. Does the information have any bearing on the current situation of the town?

Click here to watch Scream season 2 episode 2 live online on the official website of MTV. The episode airs on MTV on 6 June at 11pm EST.

In Psycho, as viewers learn disturbing details about Emma's past from Maggie, there could be some friction between the mother and daughter.

Meanwhile, survivors of last season's killing will continue to adjust to the resulting paranoia, especially when another killer seems to be on the loose. The situation is going to get particularly difficult for Audrey Jensen, who is being threatened by a mysterious caller about her connections with Piper.

The official synopsis for episode 2 read as:

Tensions rise when Maggie reveals information relating to Emma's past. Emma attempts to take control of her fears as someone unexpected arrives in town. Noah investigates an unsettling new lead for his podcast.

The season premiere, titled I Know What You Did Last Summer, established two facts; that there's a new killer responsible for the kidnapping and eventual murder of Jake Fitzgerald, and that Jake is innocent as regards the previous killing.

As each of the Lakewood teenagers continue with their struggle, Noah Foster seems to be getting close to unveiling the identity of the killer's accomplice. But at what cost, is the question. Considering Emma's traumatising experiences, some might think she's hallucinating about the new psycho in town. Her counsellor even brands her condition as a common PTSD syndrome, but the trailer proves otherwise.

Watch the trailer for episode 2 here:

While Emma suspects she is being followed, the cryptic message only reinforces her doubts as it says, "I am in your head Emma, you can't trust anyone, not even yourself."

If showrunner Michael Gans' words are any indication, expect this season of Scream to take the killing to a whole new level. "A good sequel doesn't try to change things as much as it elevates and surprises you by taking things to a new level. We wanted to make sure that we accomplished that, to make our villain even bigger and badder and scarier," he told The Hollywood Reporter.