After the recent #bendgate controversy, which involved phones being bent as a test of durability, YouTubers and TechBloggers have come out with a host of other tests using a wide variety of ingredients. Two of the most interesting happen to be those that put the Sony Xperia Z3 through a Coca-Cola test and a rather appetising Nutella test. Check out the videos below.

The first test involves immersing an Xperia Z3 in a container of Coca-Cola. After having been dipped in the soft drink for over a minute, the smartphone is pulled out, cleaned and tested for any issues. Thanks to its solid water and dust proof rating, the Xperia Z3 gets away without any issues and is seen working properly in the video. However, the YouTuber does not rule out the fact that the smartphone might encounter some issues in the future.

Up next is the Nutella test. The YouTuber spreads generous amounts of the gooey spread over the Xperia Z3, ensuring that every square inch of the phone is covered completely. This test simulates the phone being dropped into real-world grime, testing Sony's dust-proof claim. And it comes as no surprise that the smartphone came out unscathed, with the YouTuber also adding that it was somewhat easy to clean.

Have you spotted any other such eccentric smartphone tests? Let us know in the comments section below.