Star Wars Rebels finale
Darth Vader is set to appear in the Star Wars Rebels finale episode StarWars

Disney's new hit animated TV series Star Wars Rebels returns with its finale today, Monday, 2 March at 9pm on Disney XD.

Click here to watch the episode online via live stream. You can also watch the episode online on the Disney website by clicking here.

The 13th episode is titled, Fire Across The Galaxy, which will feature one of the most famous Star Wars villains, Darth Vader.

The official synopsis reads as follows:

In the season finale, the rebels must infiltrate the heart of an Imperial fleet to rescue Kanan. This leads to an epic battle between Kanan, Ezra, and the Inquisitor, and results in the destruction of Tarkin's flagship. Consequently, Imperial security on Lothal is strengthened, making their missions even more difficult in the future. Hera calls in help. But so does the Empire.

The season finale picks up from the Rebel Resolve, where the rebels were on a mission to rescue their leader, Kanan Jarrus, from the Galactic Empire.

A battle will take place between the Empire and rebel forces above Mustafar, Darth Vader and Bail Organa return, and Fulcrum's identity is finally revealed in the finale.

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