Unreal season 2 returns with a brand new episode this week on Lifetime that forges ahead with the rivalry between the two executive producers – Quinn King and Chet Wilton. Episode 3 titled Guerilla will air on Monday 20 June, and is expected to follow some major drama as the rift between the producers grows wide.

Click here to watch the episode live online on the official website. The episode featuring the dramatic rivalry will air at 10pm EST.

According to the official synopsis of the upcoming episode, Chet has been granted permission to create a "more male skewing version" of the reality show, Everlasting.

This might cause further differences between the warring producers (Quinn and Chet), as Quinn had initially wanted to tread on the fairy-tale path that her show has usually followed.

However, Chet seems to disagree with the style, and plans to introduce bikini-clad women to a more mature programme, according to reports.

Watch the trailer for the upcoming episode here:

A trailer for Monday's episode of the Lifetime drama shows Quinn played by Constance Zimmer, utterly disappointed by the new change in settings, "If I was a man, they wouldn't be doing this to me." "You don't just waltz in here and tell me how to run my show," she adds.

As if the constant bickering with Chet was not enough – in the last episode he constantly vetoed all of Quinn's ideas regarding the show – the TV bosses have now brought in a new player, Coleman to run the show.

Read the official synopsis for episode 3 here:

Chet has been given the reigns to produce a more male skewing version of the show. Quinn decides to produce the "Sistine Chapel" of episodes by targeting the two most vulnerable contestants in order to prove her own value. Rachel starts to suspect Darius is hiding a secret. Chet struggles in a custody battle over his son.

Interestingly, the new producer will have Rachel by his side to guide him in making the show and "going for the kill." By sidelining Rachel, Quinn has made a new enemy who is ready to exact her revenge with the new system in motion.

However, Quinn is not one to go down easily as she aims to "produce the 'Sistine Chapel' of episodes". The TV queen has some mean tricks up her sleeves and to get back her show the executive producer will go to any length, even if it requires her to target vulnerable contestants and create some reality drama.

To know if Quinn succeeds with her plans, watch Unreal season 2 episode 3 on Lifetime on Monday.