MTV's TV adaptation of Scream is all set to raise its horror quotient in the upcoming episode, which will air on Monday (20 June). Following trends this season, the episode is suitably titled, Happy Birthday To Me, which is originally an American thriller movie starring Melissa Sue Anderson and Glenn Ford.

Scream season 2 episode 4 will air on MTV at 11pm EST. Click here to watch the episode live online on its official website.

The synopsis teases that the Lakewood six will be gearing up for a surprise birthday party this week, but considering how parties have attracted danger and the psychotic killer so far, will there be a third murder this week?

Unaware of the new killer on the loose, who is far accountable for two murders – one of them being core character Jake – the group of teenagers will be giving a surprise birthday party to Kieran. Clearly, it seems to be an unwise decision as this is where the killer would have more options to choose his victims.

The official synopsis of episode 4 reads as follows:

Jake's sudden disappearance is beginning to worry Brooke until a gift from Jake arrives just in time for Kieran's birthday party. The Lakewood Six take an unexpected trip deep into their subconscious

However, the teens are not to be blamed for going about the party, as Audrey is keeping them in the dark about the current situation at Lakewood. She has not yet told her friends about the new Brandon James killer in town and that Jake is not avoiding Brooke, but he is dead.

After season 1, Audrey evolved to assume an important role in the mix. Not only was she an accomplice of last season's killer, Piper, but the bi-curious teen unknowingly developed some connection with the new killer as well. With her reigns in the hand of the psychopath, Audrey would have to hide secrets, take regretful decisions and act against the interest of her friends.

Watch the trailer for Scream's upcoming episode here:

In the latest trailer, the killer sends a bottle of tequila signed under the name of Jake, "a pricey birthday bottle from south of the border". While the gang is still unaware of Jake's death, the unexpected gift alerts Audrey, who panics and asks her friends, "We need to keep everyone inside this house. We need to be safe."

Indeed, it will not the best time to be under the influence, as the "Lakewood Six take an unexpected trip deep into their subconscious", after consuming the tequila. Brooke seems to be the one most affected as she hallucinates about Jake.

Earlier she had remarked, "God knows what's in it, if it came from Jake." It seems her prophetic words could come true as the trailer ends with Emma and a vision of the masked killer.