It may be all work and no play during the week, but for the US Air Force it was a little play as well on Friday (26 May) as members with the 48th Fighter Wing, known as RAF Lakenheath, danced on the tarmac during a training exercise.

The moves were accompanied by the Sugarhill Gang's classic Apache (Jump On It) playing in the background. The troops also did cartwheels on the tarmac as they participated in the Arctic Challenge Exercise at Rovaniemi air base in Finland.

The videos of an Air Force member's dance and cartwheels were shared by RAF Lakenheath on its Facebook page on Friday.

The RAF Lakenheath was taking part of the US Artic Challenge 2017 drills that involves 11 nations and 100 aircrafts. The relationship-building exercises began on 19 May with participants from the US, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Norway, UK, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands, the US Air Force said in a press release.

The exercises, aimed at increasing interoperability - the ability of military equipment or groups to operate in conjunction with each other - are scheduled to run until 2 June.

The US has deployed a fighter squadron and supporting personnel to Finland for the training drills.

"Twelve F-15C Eagles and about 200 personnel from the 493rd Fighter Squadron at Royal Air Force Lakenheath, England, and two KC-135 Stratotankers and over 30 personnel from the 351st Air Refueling Squadron at RAF Mildenhall, England, deployed to bases in Finland and Sweden for exercise Arctic Challenge 2017," the release stated.

As part of the drill, the participating countries will conduct live-flying events focused on offensive and defensive air combat operations.

"These practice opportunities and experiences allow our pilots and maintainers to work together side-by-side with our partners and allies to plan, execute and debrief some very complex missions. That allows us to see how we can better work together in the future," said Lieutenant Colonel Jason Zumwalt, commander of the 493rd Fighter Squadron.

RAF Lakenheath
Arctic Challenge 2017 drills featuring RAF Mildenhall and two F-15 Eagles from 493rd Fighter Squadron is seen pictured here participating in a multi-nation exercise, which involves the US an and 10 other nations and NATO US Air Force's RAF Lakenheath Facebook page