(L-R) Nora Arnezeder as Chloe Tousignant, James Wolk as Jackson Oz, Billy Burke as Mitch Morgan, Kristen Connolly as Jamie Campbell and Nonso Anozie as Abraham Kenyatta CBS

Zoo returns on CBS with an all new episode on Tuesday, 14 July, at 9pm EST.

Episode 3 is titled, The Silence of The Cicadas, where Jamie will convince Mitch to accompany her on a trip to her hometown.

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The official synopsis of the episode 3 reads as follows:

Jackson Oz and Abraham Kenyatta fly to Japan to recover the rest of Oz's father's research involving animals. Also, Jamie convinces Mitch to accompany her on a trip to her hometown in Louisiana to show a senator their findings on the abnormal behavior of the zoo lions. In Paris, Chloe is the first to be recruited by a shadowy intelligence agent, Gaspard Alves (Henri Lubatti)
, who is looking for the cause of the strange animal behavior, and a death row inmate escapes from a Mississippi prison after a vicious wolf invasion sets the prison ablaze on ZOO.

Meanwhile, the promo (below) of The Silence Of The Cicadas teases the beginning of the awakening of the animals as they form groups and start killing humans.

The CBS show is based on the bestselling novel by James Patterson, where animals go an a rampage attacking humans all over the world.

"We expect and hope that you will take the animals' side," Zoo star Billy Burke told TVLine, at the San Diego Comic-Con.

Burke, along with co-stars James Wolk, Nora Arnezeder and Kristen Connolly spoke about the rest of the season. They also said that their will be separate storylines in Tuesday's episode.

"These are definitely four people from completely different backgrounds," Wolk said. "So when they come together, there's a lot of passion, a lot of tension. It's a fun dynamic to watch."

The actors also dished about how the series achieves its army of animals, whether the "bond" between Jackson and Chloe will turn romantic, how the finale ends and whether or not "that bratty kid" will get what's coming to him.

Watch the full Comic-Con interview of all the stars of Zoo (below).