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ric Flair

Hulk Hogan has expressed his concern for fellow wrestling legend Ric Flair's well-being, following news of the Nature Boy's hospitalisation.

The 64-year-old wrestler, born Terry Gene Bollea, took to Twitter on Sunday ( 13 August) to ask his 11.7million followers "Whats happened to Flair?" after it emerged that his one-time rival was admitted to the hospital with heart problems.

Within minutes his fans flocked to social media to update him on the man he famously clashed with during the 1992 Royal Rumble's current status. One person said: "I heard it was just a routine thing. Probably just wants to get a few nurses on Space Mountain haha" and another added more seriously: "It's his heart brother"

An initial statement from Flair's management had told fans that there was "no reason to panic".

It read: "We'd like to thank his fiance and the incredible hospital staff who are providing the best care. No, we cannot answer any personal questions. Yes, Ric would want you to go out and have a great weekend, Nature Boy style!"

However, hours later, he took a turn for the worst. Melinda Morris Zanoni, CEO of Legacy Talent LLC, urged fans to keep Flair in their prayers saying that he was dealing w/some "tough medical issues".

Director Rory Karpf, who worked on a documentary about Flair, also asked for support on Twitter writing: "Please pray for my friend Ric Flair and keep him in your thoughts."

Hogan and Flair, while never having a marquee feud, clashed repeatedly over the years. A series of house show encounters in 1992 and 1993 was meant to lead to a Wrestlemania match, but backstage issues put paid to that clash. They feuded in WCW repeatedly upon Hogan's arrival in 1994, and also found time for matches against each other in their dotage in both TNA and Hogan's own Hulkamania promotion.