If you are a WhatsApp user and have received a text invite for the popular messaging service application's voice calling service, please ignore it. Reports claim that the invite is being used by scammers to spread malware on smartphones.

According to a Daily Star report that quotes The Market Business, cyber criminals are currently engaged in sending scam messages that invite WhatsApp users to try out the new voice calling service.

Users who opted to test the feature are redirected to another website and are asked to participate in a survey. After completing the survey, they are asked to download multiple third-party applications, which run the risk of spreading malware on smartphones.

The malicious voice calling invite also prompts users to invite friends, before testing the feature, thus putting other users at risk of losing confidential data.

Hence, WhatsApp users are advised to exercise caution when they receive a text message stating: "Hey, I am inviting you to try WhatsApp Calling, click here to activate now".

WhatsApp, which has been taken over by Facebook, is yet to officially launch the voice calling service and is yet to announce a date for its release.

Earlier, WhatsApp had tested out the voice calling service via an invite system for certain users in India, and those who received it, claimed that they manged to invite some friends by physically calling them via WhatsApp.

However, according to a Firstpost report, as of now, users cannot invite friends to the calling feature as it has been disabled.

Once official, the voice calling feature will allow users to make voice calls for free via WhatsApp, using only internet connectivity.