Carlsen vs Karjakin World Chess Championship
Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin face off in their 12th match Getty

An anticlimactic penultimate game has meant everything is to play for in the final day of competition between current world chess champion and Norwegian heartthrob, Magnus Carlsen, and Crimean-born, Russia-representing, Sergey Karjakin.

The game on Monday 28 November ended in a fast draw after just 30 moves in 36 minutes, noted the New York Times. Out of the 12 games the two have played since starting the competition on 11 November, 10 have ended in draws, with each only managing to beat the other once.

On Wednesday, 30 November, a series of tie-break games will take place to determine the winner.

These will take place in stages, getting more rapid as the tie-break continues. First will be four games where the players have only 25 minutes to complete all their moves; if these end in draw then five two-game matches where the players have only five minutes will take place.

If there is still not a winner from these matches, a sudden-death game will take place where the person playing black will only have four minutes for their moves. If that game ends in a draw, the player playing black will win.

Those wanting to watch the game can see it unfold online at the World Chess Championship website for $7 (£5.60), that includes access to an interactive dashboard showing live moves and analysis.