Zoella and Alfie
Zoella and Alfie Deyes are one of YouTube's most beloved couples and have dated for four years YouTube

Zoella and Alfie Deyes may be YouTube's most famous couple, but parts of their relationship are still kept under wraps from the prying eyes of their millions of subscribers.

In a new interview, Deyes, 23, explains how he and his girlfriend Zoella, real name Zoe Sugg, prefer to keep the most intimate aspects of their relationship strictly off of YouTube. In the four years since they began dating, fans have questioned why they rarely see the power couple share kisses or go on dates, and have even speculated as to when Deyes will propose.

Speaking to The Telegraph about their privacy as a couple, Deyes said: "People don't want to see me swimming with sharks; they most enjoy watching me with my girlfriend. I value my personal relationships, so am always super-cautious about how much I show of us. It's always on my mind. We never kiss on camera or anything like that."

Ahead of their interview with Deyes, the publication were reportedly warned that questions about his relationship with Zoella were banned and he only refers to her as "my girlfriend", as opposed to by name.

Still, the Brighton native was happy to address the most-asked question Zalfie receives: When will they get married and have children? Deyes said of their plans to settle down: "I'd never rush that. It's not on my radar. I definitely want to have a family one day though, for sure."

Undeniably, many of Deyes' most popular videos feature Zoella, 27, with fans able to peek inside their domesticated bliss through his daily vlogs. One collaborative video of Zalfie, posted on Deyes' Pointlessblog channel in 2014, sees the couple reacting to their cutest moments together and has been viewed more than eight million times.

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Part of being one of YouTube's most beloved couples is the immense amount of attention from their subscribers – Zoella is fast approaching 12 million followers on her main channel while Deyes boasts over 9.9 million across his two main channels combined.

However, this means an invasion of privacy at their new sprawling Brighton home, which the couple purchased in February. Deyes said of the uninvited guests: "It is challenging. There's a very fine line between me filming my life and me living my life."

He continued: "People actually knock on our door. Every single day, parents drive their kids over – and the adults are the ones who get annoyed when we say we won't do pictures. They lift their kids onto the walls around our house, and throw stuff over. I'm always polite, but the way I see it, not even my mum turns up uninvited."

Watch Zoella and Alfie in their latest vlog: