WikiLeaks today (24 October) released a statement on Twitter, clarifying the status of founder Julian Assange, as well as the whistle-blowing platform's work. WikiLeaks' statement clarified that despite Ecuador's decision to "not permit Mr. Assange to use the government of Ecuador's internet connection", the country has claimed that it will "continue to protect Mr. Assange's asylum rights".

The statement was posted as a tweet and claimed to be from the WikiLeaks' editorial board. An earlier tweet posted on 23 October said that Assange was safe and "still in command," despite limited communication with the staff. The whistleblowing platform is also continuing to publish additional material exposing the conditions surrounding the US elections.

WikiLeaks' statement also claimed that neither WikiLeaks nor Assange has "published from jurisdiction of Ecuador and has no plans to do so", adding that Assange "does not transmit US election related documents from the embassy."

WikiLeaks has also posted another tweet, a public poll asking Assange supporters "demading proof of life" their preference. This may indicate that WikiLeaks and Assange are set to provide a personal statement from Assange, either in the form of a video, picture or perhaps a glimpse from Ecuador embassy window.

Meanwhile, WikiLeaks continues to publish material about Hillary Clinton and her campaign. Over the weekend, the whistle-blowing platform released part 16 of the Podesta emails. It also tweeted out to Clinton campaign chief strategist Joel Benenson, claiming that it had a "surprise" in store for him.