The horny singer admits that she gets satisfied by a string of men around the globe.

She already is known as a party girl and now raunchy Ke$ha has revealed that it takes more than one man to satisfy her sexually.

The singer and rapper admitted that she has a number of sex buddies across the globe that she meets when she travels.

Ke$ha, who claims she is single because she doesn't have time for a relationship, made the candid disclosure during a recent interview with The Sun.

The 25-year-old blonde beauty said haviing her sexual needs met by a variety of men made things much easier.

She told the newspaper: "I have special friends all over the world in different cities, so that helps.

"I'll go out for a drink. I'll take a bubble bath and drink some wine with a cute boy."

Although she is still enjoying the perks of single life, the eccentric star says she would love to settle down with a long-haired bearded biker when the time is right.

"There aren't celebrities that I necessarily have a thing for.

"I'm into metal dudes with long hair, big beards, motorcycles, that love heavy metal."

Meanwhile, Ke$ha made history earlier this month after becoming the first solo white woman to pose for the cover of urban music and entertainment magazine Vibe.

Rocking platinum blonde hair and posing in a revealing lace dress, Ke$ha protects her modesty for the cover image under the label "Hip-hop's guilty pleasure."