Mr Robot season 2 episode 8
Elliot, with his sister, Darlene and his alter ego in Mr Robot season 2 USA Network

After the big reveal about Elliot being in a jail all these time in last week's episode, Mr Robot Season 2 returns with another tensed chapter this Wednesday, where FBI will be closing in on fsociety. Episode 8 is titled, eps2.6succ3ss0r.p12, which will air on 24 August at 10pm EST on USA Network.

The official synopsis reads as follows:

Elliot comes to understand the ramifications of a power vacuum; fsociety fractures; and Darlene makes hard decisions.

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In the previous episode, Mr Robot revealed that he aka Elliot shot Tyrell Wellick,and also confirmed a fan theory about Elliot–aftermath of the 5/9 hack, Eliot was not hiding away at his mother's house, instead he was locked up as an inmate in some kind of correctional facility all these time.

A promo for the episode opens with Darlene admitting, "We don't have much time," as another fsociety member says that the FBI has a secret surveillance system on them. The entire team is panicking as one of them tells Darlene, "If FBI nails you, its lights out!" as she asks her team to "keep it together"

Carly Chaikin spoke to Den Of Geek about Darlene's role in season 2. She said, Darlene was definitely very different this season and it's been so much fun to play that difference, and to really be able to let her come out after keeping her so hidden last season for that little reveal of them being brother and sister. Just having this new, militant approach and role of really having the world on her shoulders and having to take the reigns and take the lead and take control. So to be able to play that with also her vulnerability and fear underneath has been so much fun as an actor.