The Willis Family
Fans will hope that the Willis Family and their music will help the bitter memories of Josh Duggar's sex scandal in 19 Kids And Counting, to fade away TLC

After Josh Duggar's sexual abuse scandal, TLC has pulled 19 Kids And Counting from its airtime. The controversial channel is now counting on its new reality show The Willis Family featuring another super-sized family which is musically inclined.

So what makes the 14-member family from Nashville different from that of the Duggars? The Willis are certainly not focusing on courtship, wedding and producing babies every year.

Rather, the children of the family are superbly gifted in music, wrestling and dancing. They remain occupied with their family band and musical tours.

Toby and Brenda Willis, the parents of 12 talented children, tasted fame for the first time during the final rounds of American's Got Talent season 9.

TLC network claims that its new show will focus on "sharing their talents and balancing a life at home."

The only common thing between the Duggars and the Willis families will be the children's names which start with the letter 'J'.

After the bitter sex abuse reports about the eldest Duggar son went public, TLC pulled all episodes of 19 Kids And Counting from its planned schedule. However, the network has not yet cancelled the controversial show.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, meanwhile, have said that they will appear on Fox News for an exclusive interview with Megyn Kelly where they will share their side of story to the world.

The family was severely criticised for hiding the misdeeds of their son, who allegedly molested his own sisters when he was 14 years old.