iOS 9 jailbreak
WinterBoard not working with iOS 9 jailbreak: How to fix it Pangu

Pangu's iOS 9 jailbreak has brought its own share of inherent bugs and post-installation issues with Cydia apps and tweaks. With some developers still in the process of updating their jailbreak apps, several Cydia tweaks such as WinterBoard are failing to work with iOS 9, due to some coding incompatibility issues with Apple's newest mobile operating system.

Nevertheless, folks at iPhone Hacks have suggested a simple workaround shared by veteran iOS 9 user, @Sn0wd3n, to make the WinterBoard app fully-compatible with iOS 9.

Here are the steps to accomplish this feat:

Step 1: Launch Cydia and install iFile

Step 2: Download the Winterboard .deb file on your iOS 9 device and install it via iFile. Note: It is imperative to uninstall previous versions of Winterboard from Cydia, before installing the new .deb file.

Step 3: Navigate to /applications in iFile and locate the Tap on the exclamation mark next to it and rename it to

Step 4: Download and install iCleaner from Cydia

Step 5: Now Cydia will also update WinterBoard with iCleaner. If it is already installed, just launch the app and hit the 'Clean' button.

Step 6: Respring your device and then go back to the /applications folder via iFile and rename back to

Step 7: Launch iCleaner once again and press the 'Clean' button. The tweak will re-update WinterBoard for the changes to take effect.

Once you have completed these steps correctly, the WinterBoard app should work fine on your jailbroken iOS 9 device. It is now possible to apply any themes you downloaded via Cydia.

[Source: @Sn0wd3n]