A 23-year-old Wisconsin man, Chandler Halderson, dismembered his parents' bodies before scattering some of the parts in a river and putting the remaining ones in the family fireplace.

In January this year, he was found guilty of eight felony charges for killing and dismembering his father, Bart Halderson, 50, and mother, Krista Halderson, 53, and lying to the police about their whereabouts.

He had reported his parents missing in July last year, stating that they had disappeared from their house on Oak Springs Circle on July 1. The next day, police found the father's torso at Halderson's girlfriend's family farm in Cottage Grove, Dane County.

The police also discovered the murder weapon, an SKS rifle on the property, along with saw blades, scissors, tree loppers, and a tarp covered with Bart and Krista's blood, according to a report in The Mirror.

The man murdered his parents after they found out that he had been lying to them about getting a job at SpaceX and moving to Florida. He also did not tell his parents that he had dropped out of college and had been staying at their house without paying rent.

He would play video games all day and tell his parents that he had been attending office meetings and killed them after they discovered his lies.

Chandler first shot his father to death and killed his mother when she arrived home a few hours later.

He then dismembered their bodies and scattered the body parts in and around Southern Wisconsin, and reported them missing almost a week later. He had even tried to burn some of their remains in their home fireplace.

The ashes found in the fireplace contained fragments of a human skull, facial bones, and knee bones. Later, his internet history showed that he had even searched for "Wisconsin dismembered body found," after killing his parents.

During the trial of the case in January this year, the prosecution had said that he killed his parents because his lies had been exposed, while the defense maintained that he was just a "normal kid," and he did not murder his parents.

The jury eventually found Halderson guilty on two counts each of first-degree murder, mutilating a corpse, hiding a corpse, and giving false information about a missing person.

Cemetery crime scene
Photo: Pixabay