Woah Dave
A screenshot from Woah Dave. Minivisions

PlayStation Plus members on PS4 will be able to download indie platformer Woah Dave for free during the month of April, but it won't form part of Sony's main offering of free games for the month.

The 2D single-screen arcade platformer developed by Minivisions tasks players with killing aliens by throwing things a them, then collecting coins around one screen of platforms that becomes increasingly more busy with enemies, items and eggs to throw.

The announcement was made on the official PlayStation Blogcast and was later confirmed by Totally Choice on Twitter, who confirmed a European release on Wednesday, 1 April and a North American release today (31 March).

The game was initially released on PC, iOS and Nintendo 3DS last year and PS Vita in January, now the PS4 release is being supported by its free status on PS Plus. A full list of April's instant game collection will be revealed later this week for a probable release next Wednesday, 8 April.

The PS4 version of Woah Dave will come with two new levels, six new characters (one hidden), boss battles, new enemy types, UFOs players can hitch a ride on, other hidden Easter eggs and the ability to play the original version of the game.

A let's play of the PS Vita version can be watched below...