Crossy Road is a pixelated endless traffic dodger in the mould of Frogger which has proven a huge success on mobile devices since its release last year. It's a wonderfully simple and barmy game, but make it first person and it suddenly becomes the scariest game this side of PT.

YouTube filmmaker Andy Front has done exactly that, posting a pretty solid take on what a first person Crossy Bird would look like, and it looks fun.

Better still it looks like it would work, not being able to see oncoming traffic adds tension and the sensation of getting hit by something in first person will also be terrifying. In last year's Far Cry 4 the biggest jump scare for me didn't come from a swooping eagle or peckish crocodile, but the van of mercenaries that ran me over when I was running across a road to get away from a rhino.

The next step would be for Hipster Whale to add a first person mode themselves, and we certainly hope they do. Even if it makes the game even more frustrating than it already can be.